Finding Us

For starters, try, here. Our house is at the end of Kings Way, on the corner with Queens Walk. If you prefer more detail, then read on.

Train:  The nearest station (4 minutes walk away) is “Harrow and Wealdstone”. Leave by the ‘Harrow’ exit, which is on Platform 1. The station is on the Euston to Birmingham railway line 15 minutes from Euston. It’s also at the end of the Bakerloo tube line.

Railtrack travel information
 train times
Bus: All these busses stop at Harrow and Wealdstone station.
From Heathrow : 140
From Harrow : 140, 182, 186, 258, 340
From Watford : 258 (or take the train)
From Stanmore : 340
From Edgeware : 186
Car: We live about 1 mile North of Harrow. If you are travelling from the North then just follow the signs for Harrow from Watford and you will (almost inevitably) find Harrow and Wealdstone station. If you are coming from the South, then head for Harrow. Once there, follow the signs for Wealdstone. As before, you will find the station. From there refer to the map below.

You can park outside our house. Just make sure that you park on the yellow lines and not in the residents’ parking bays. Parking on the yellow lines is forbidden only for one hour between 10am and 11am on weekdays. It is free parking all weekend.

Once you get to the station, just follow the map. The best way to cross the railway line is usually to go through the station. To go via a road bridge is out of your way if you’re on foot.

Map of the neighbourhood

58 Kings Way,
Middlesex. HA1 1XU.


(020) 8621 4894
(020) 8933 9811 (fax)

The red dot marks our house. The big black blob in the centre is Harrow and Wealdstone station.

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We are Alex and Hilde Tingle Liesens.