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A Vampire Campaign

Vampires are a rare and solitary species. Across the world they live on the edge, driven by paranoia deep into the foul underbelly of society. Secrecy is of vital importance, and most un-dead go to almost any extreme to preserve it. Every additional vampire is an intolerable threat, to be destroyed without mercy. Kindred compete, they never cooperate; that is their nature.

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  Only in London

Only in London can vampires walk the streets in safety. Only here have they found a way to live together. In London there is the Law, and the Council ensures that it is observed.

1.  A Short History of
London’s Council

  How it all started.

2.  The Pact

  Early agreements between the First Seven.

3.  Expansion

  Population growth causes tension.

4.  The Grand Convocation

  The Law is born. The Seven become the Council.

5.  Myfanwy

  Fortunes of the Water Maiden.

6.  Jason slays Steven

  An unusual Councillor takes the stage.

7.  Henry bids for power.

  “King” Henry undermines the Council.

8.  Harrow to the White Tower

  The famous contest between Morgan & Barclay.

9.  The rise of Morgan

  The techno-mage rises to the triumvirate.

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Vampire: The Masquerade is a roleplaying game produced by White Wolf Game Studio.