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A Vampire Campaign

In the beginning there were the Seven. By the Fifteenth Century, London had grown large enough to support a seven strong vampire community. Amongst these first seven were Henry, Myfanwy and Thomas.

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  A Short History of London’s Council

The turmoil of the previous hundred years had made life easy for the kindred. Mortals were so busy killing one another that they scarcely noticed when one or two more people died or went missing. During this time, there had been a long-standing truce amongst the kindred of London, who had found that there was more to be gained through cooperation than through conflict.

With the accession of Henry VII, that all changed. The mortal authorities once more had time to worry about unexplained attacks, or the superstitious concerns of the townsfolk.

It would have been so easy for the uneasy alliance of the previous century to dissolve once more into the desperate fight for survival that is the normal state of a vampire's existence. But, through some mysterious combination of the seven personalities, this did not happen. Instead, an agreement was reached, an agreement which was to become the Law, which remains the basis for today's vampire community.

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