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A Vampire Campaign

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It was agreed that the City of London could easily support the Seven, provided simple precautions were taken. The Seven declared that the physical persons of their fellows should be inviolable, provided they did not threaten the security of the community. There would be no more war. London became a haven, where the Seven undead could walk the streets without fear of attack. Of course invaders from outside were offered no such protection, They were liable to be viciously hunted down and destroyed just as they would be anywhere else.

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  The Pact

Over the following centuries the Pact came to be modified. It became clear that the pressure from outside could not be completely withstood. Powerful kindred would appear on the scene and try to carve hunting grounds for themselves. Rarely could the Seven unite sufficiently to challenge a powerful foe, and so it was frequently left to the most effected individual to evict the invader.

Eventually the inevitable happened, Geoffrey, the weakest of the Seven was killed by an invader, Gracis. Rather than see the Pact dissolved, the remaining six approached Gracis, and offered him Geoffrey's place. The precedent was made, the word got out, and a flood of challengers started to threaten the stability of the Pact. There quickly evolved the set of rules which must be followed in a challenge for membership of the Seven. These are:

  1. The challenger must present himself to the Seven.
  2. The nature of the contest shall be specified by the one who is being challenged.
  3. The contest must be begun within a month of the original challenge.
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