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A Vampire Campaign

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By the early years of the Eighteenth Century, the central tenet of the Pact (that London could support, at most, seven kindred) was coming to be widely ridiculed. The increasing size of the mortal population, and the comparative peace made possible by the Pact meant that the true capacity of the City was now much greater.

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For years the Seven had been fostering coteries of their own followers and offspring. Nothing in the Pact precluded this, but the possibility of a much greater kindred community had certainly not been considered from the outset.

The frequency of violent 'incidents' and of challenges for membership of the Seven began to reach worrying proportions. The Seven were divided over what to do about it. At that time, the following seven vampires were protected by the Pact:

Henry. Henry was the keenest of all to extend the protection of the Pact to many more vampires. He argued (correctly) that far from diminishing the power of the Seven, this would further entrench them as the leaders of the undead community. After all, the Pact had created the undead community, without it everyone's power would be much diminished.

Thomas had been increasingly under the influence of Henry for the past centuries. Their close alliance was already beginning to be a cause of concern for the other five. Obviously, he was fully in support of Henry's position.

Myfanwy felt that a wider membership would have a stabilizing and humanizing effect on London's kindred community.

Gracis supported the move, for much the same reasons as Henry.

Parovich was against the widening of the protection of the Pact. As a relatively new member of the Seven, with few followers of his own, he foresaw his own position being weakened by the change.

AEthelstan and Steven, the other two members of the Seven at the time were against the reforms. History does not record their reasons.

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