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A Vampire Campaign

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Henry began to seriously undermine the Council as early as the mid Eighteenth Century. He began to hold meetings at which he voiced his concerns over the lack of strong government in London. By 1791 he had gathered a powerful group of 'Futurists' who believed that the only way for the nascent vampire society to survive was for it to evolve.

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  Henry bids for power

In that year, as Louis of France fled from the mob baying for his blood, Henry resigned his Council seat and proclaimed himself King. Twenty-one kindred swore allegiance to him as his vassals, including Barclay, his successor on the Council.


Barclay was an ideal choice. He was moderate, did not accept Henry's judgment in all things, and enjoyed the general support of many vampires throughout London. He was seen to be independent, yet to support Henry's ambitions for London. Several kindred acknowledged Henry as King as a direct result of his choosing Barclay as his successor on the Council. Only six months later, Barclay was challenged by an obscure kindred of the Cross Sigil; Morgan.

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