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A Vampire Campaign

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A year later, Barclay challenged Morgan for his seat. Morgan chose a duel to the death. Instead of fighting, Morgan smashed a small clay pot at Barclay's feet. He smiled a chilling smile as the elder kindred burned...

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  The rise of Morgan

Morgan was, and remains, a new kind of vampire. Most kindred faced with a changing world retreat into the certainties of the past. Morgan embraces the future, it is his weapon.

Obviously he is an accomplished mage, but he has also used science and technology to devastating effect. There are whispers amongst his enemies that he alone engineered the Industrial Revolution. Although this seems far fetched, many believe it.

Thomas certainly believed that the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Reason were plots aimed specifically at him. The fact that Morgan was originally of the Cross Sigil, and a traitor further clouded Thomas' mind. In his final years, his entrenched Church power base became fatally weakened. Thomas blamed the scientists, and he saw Morgan's hand behind every new discovery.

It is perhaps fairer to say that Morgan was flexible enough to seize the opportunities offered by science. He had vision enough to see that technology and industry would re-shape the world, and he used his vision astutely.

In less than a century Morgan rose to a position of almost unparalleled power. He is challenged only by the great wealth and personal puissance of Myfanwy, and the great influence in both the mortal and kindred communities of Henry.


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