Husbands who abuse their wifes.

This really fucks me off. I’m misfortunate enough to know more than one. (If you think I’m talking about you, then go and sort your damn life out!)

Note, that this is quite a specific gripe. It doesn’t say ‘lovers’, ‘people who live together’ or whatever. It says husbands and wives. Why? Well, what pisses me off is the abuse of the other’s vow to stay in the marriage.

Women who "just" live with a man can leave much more easily. I’ve never observed a non-marriage relationship which I’ve thought was significantly unequal. What’s more, I’ve never observed a woman take advantage of a man in this way.[1]

Marriage allows men to take their wives for granted and forget that they are supposed to be friends. If they work up to it slowly, they can be as nasty as they like, and still have complete confidence that their dinner will be on the table the next day! Pah! It makes me spit!

It’s much, much worse when there are children involved. A "broken home" is the worst thing for a child. Some women love their children more than is good for them[2]. I suppose that’s admirable. But I despise the bastards who use it to force "their" women to submit to rape, assault and mental torture!

[1] - I’m sure these things happen. I’ve never seen it though, so I don’t hate it.
[2] - I’m still talking about more than one instance of which I have personal experience.