Princess of Pentacles

Like all the Princess Cards, the Princess of Pentacles is the personification of the Element that her suit represents. She embodies the Element Earth and brings it to life. One way of working with Earth is to emulate these characteristics.

Earth Princess

The Princess of Pentacles is a person who has strong connections with the Earth. She is in touch with the tiny daily changes of the land and the seasons. She is aware that she is an important and integral part of the living being that is our Mother Earth. This gives her a great sense of personal security and self esteem. She is firmly rooted in that awareness and draws on the energy of the Earth for strength. She knows that she can trust the Earth to be her Mother and her home.

Rooted so firmly in the Earth, the Princess of Pentacles is also able to be a rock for others. She is always ready to give support. She is a trusworthy keeper of the seeds of your creativity.

Being so close to Nature and the incredible abundance of the Mother Earth, the Princess of Pentacles feels how rich she is just to be alive and healthy. Her five senses, and especially her sense of touch, show her that abundance every day. Knowing that she is ultimately One with Nature, she knows that abundance is her birthright. She confidently goes out to seek her own material success and personal growth.

The Princess of Pentacles is not one to be daydreaming. She takes practical actions towards her goals. She is realistic and uses common sense to move forward in life. She takes the most effective path to tangible results. She loves physical work.

This Princess also knows her body very well and enjoys all the pleasures it has to offer. She listens intently to its messages and knows when it is time to eat, rest or play. Her body is her instrument of communication.

In divination, this card indicates a person who displays these characteristics. Or it may be an indication that you display them yourself, or that you need to make them yours.

Princess of Pentacles Healing

If you recognise only very few of these characteristics in yourself, or none at all, and you feel insecure and out of touch with the world, you probably need the healing of the Princess of Pentacles.

However, if you are so far away from being like her, the magical process described on the next page is probably too difficult for you. Begin by being outside in Nature every day. Get in touch with the cycles of Earth and Sun and Moon. When you begin to feel the connection, come back here.

Main picture and detail from The Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon
Stone Maiden from the Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews, artist Miranda Gray
Page of Pentacles from Raider Waite Tarot
Page of Pentacles from the Celtic Dragons Tarot by J.D. Conway and Lisa Hunt


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