Princess of Swords

Like all the Princess Cards, the Princess of Swords is the personification of the Element that her suit represents. She embodies the Element Air and brings it to life. One way of working with Air is to emulate these characteristics.

Air Princess

The Princess of Swords is a very spiritual person. She has trained her mind to a high degree and uses it to find order in the everyday world as well as to travel through the Otherworlds. She skilfully uses language to express what she expriences. Her strong connection with Spirit gives her a sense of her own value and confidence to teach what she knows.

With her clear overview of the Web of Life and its many dimensions, the Princess of Swords is also able to be an inspiration to others. She helps you to think through your dreams and to plan the road ahead. She knows that she can trust Spirit to support her when she takes steps towards fulfilling her dreams.

The sharp mind of the Princess of Swords knows the value of truth. She is honest to a fault. The cutting edge of her mind slices through deceit and confusion. She will always expose any hidden motivations and face the facts, however painful. With this honesty, she clears away old shadows and allows Spirit to shine through.

Most important value to the Princess of Swords is justice. She will work to right the wrongs of the world. Hers is a world of lofty ideas and high ideals, so she will champion the good cause and do what she knows to be the right thing.

This Princess also knows her mind very well and uses it to see her through difficulties. She can be very forceful and strong headed. She also has a strong resolve and sees things through to the end. Her mind and language are her instrument of communication.

In divination, this card indicates a person who displays these characteristics. Or it may be an indication that you display them yourself, or that you need to make them yours.

Princess of Swords Healing

If you recognise only very few of these characteristics in yourself, or none at all, and you feel insecure and out of touch with the world, you probably need the healing of the Princess of Swords.

However, if you are so far away from being like her, the magical process described on the next page is probably too difficult for you. Begin by doing mental exercises every day. Train your powers of concentration and visualisation. Begin to dig into your past to find the truth of who you are, and face up to the wounds of the past. When you begin to feel the connection, come back here.

Main picture and detail from The Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon
Sword Maiden from Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews, artist Miranda Gray
Page of Swords from Raider Waite Tarot
Princess of Swords from the Crowley Tarot


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