What’s New?

20th June, 2004.

A new rant: 'music downloads should cost 10¢'.

3rd November, 2003.

Moved to www.firetree.net. Removed the link to the 'Back Yard' from the front page, as it's really, really out of date.

20th January, 2002.

More updates to my ThinkPad page. Fixed all of the broken links.

20th January, 2002.

I've added a few updates to my SuSE Linux 7.2 on an IBM ThinkPad 240x page. I've also joined a 'Linux on Thinkpads' web-ring.

19th January, 2002.

Has the World gone mad? Read my new rant: Shame on America.

4th January, 2002.

Scanned and posted a number of artworks. I did all of these while I was at school of at University. Hilde keeps trying to get me to take up my brushes again...

5th August, 2001.

Totally removed all of the external links from the front page, too many of them were stale, and there are quite enough links elesewhere on the site.

29th July, 2001.

I've written a page which tells the story of how to install SuSE Linux 7.2 on an IBM ThinkPad 240x. Hope somebody finds it useful!

5th November, 2000.

New “Rants” section. This incorporates some thoughts that used to be part of my “personal” section, ands some new stuff. The link to the “Memories” campaign from the front page has been removed - this stuff is pretty old now. Still, perhaps I'll find space for a link to it somewhere else.

2nd November, 2000.

My thoughts on raising children and the Bishop of Rochester: the spawn page!

29th October, 2000.

What’s new? My boots - that’s what’s new! I’ve just bought a stupendous pair of patent leather Smegg Magics!! <bounce> <bounce>
(Pictures soon, I imagine.)

29th October, 2000.

Bought a few albums today. Stay tuned and I'll tell you what I think...

8th October, 2000.

Phew! A big gap there between the last change and this message. The site is no longer “Made with a Macintosh”, it’s made on “Quango”, my new Linux box.
I’ve had to find a ‘Linux’ way to automate page formatting. I used to use TCL scripts on Alpha (the Mac editor); now I’ve moved to using ‘awk’.
Anyway, now I’ve solved the technical problems of supporting my website on the new box, I’ll be putting up more content. Try this for starters...

14th March, 2000.

New album review: “black tape for a blue girl - as one aflame laid bare by desire”. This album’s name sounds like one of the fake book titles from Italo Calvino’s “If on a winter’s night a traveller”. Did they randomly generate it??

17th February, 2000.

Review of Killing Miranda’s fabulous new single, Teenage Vampire. Go and buy it now!

15th February, 2000.

Album review, Attrition: The Jeopardy Maze.

28th January, 2000.

Yet more Textiles & Textures by Hilde. I think she’s getting really good.

16th January, 2000.

Review of Danse Society’s album "Heaven is Waiting".
The album review index page has been modified. It’s now a lot shorter, so it loads more quickly.

9th January, 2000.

Review of Apoptygma Berzerk’s album "Seven". Bloody brilliant!
Revamped the design of this page. It’s now much prettier than it was before.

15th December, 1999.

More Textiles & Textures by Hilde.

New reviews of music by Nekromantik. I’ve replaced my earlier review of their album "Fairy Catcher", as I’ve come to like it a lot more than I used to. Also, a review of their EP, "Dress it up in Monochrome".
New album review of Switchblade Symphony - "Serpentine Gallery".

21st September, 1999.

Textiles & Textures by Hilde. Examples of the work that Hilde has produced on her course at the City Lit.

10th August, 1999.

Love is an illness. All the worse for the fact that sufferers aren’t interested in finding a cure.

22nd July, 1999.

Loads more self-indulgent rubbish about me!

11th July, 1999.

Revamped the Dutch / Flemish Translation site.

24th June, 1999.

Album review, All Living Fear: Into The Light.
Link to Mikki’s new web-site.

17th June, 1999.

A new, much cooler picture of me.

1st June, 1999.

Album review, Blondie: Blondie.

25th May, 1999.

Album review, Faithful Dawn: I Am Nothing.

20th May, 1999.

Link to secretia’s web-site.
Simplified this page, because I thought it looked too ‘ busy’.

19th May, 1999.

This “What’s New?” page.
Finding Us page moved.
Link to Andrea’s web-site.

12th May, 1999.

New pictures of the Sphinx.
More albums.

21st April, 1999.

New pictures of old Goths.

6th April, 1999.

Album reviews:
 Killing Miranda: Blessed Deviant.
 Corpus Delicti: Obsessions.

19th March, 1999.

Silly Goth web-site: The Crypt.


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