offers practical help building distributed applications. We specialise in CORBA advice, training & development.

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CORBA training and advice

CORBA is a difficult skill to pick up through on-the-job training. A short orientation course could save your team weeks of frustration and lost productivity. We can provide on-site training, distance learning courses, or just answer your questions.

on-site training
from single 'orientation days' to full 5-day introductory courses.
distance learning
Open-ended courses tailored to your individual needs.
questions answered
Just e-mail your question to Individual answers are free. More complex reports can be provided for a fee.

code health check

CORBA's C++ mappings are hard to master. It's easy for beginners to make mistakes. We can review your code to look for bugs, spot memory leaks or diagnose core dumps.

porting services

We can help you escape from expensive proprietory lock-in by porting your applications to run on a new platform. Linux, Solaris x86 and Windows all provide robust, well supported operating environments at a fraction of the cost of traditional Unix. has extensive experience of porting C++ and CORBA applications between different operating systems and compilers. E-mail us at to find out more.

Specialities include:


We sell commercial support for omniEvents - our free implementation of the CORBA Event Service. Single-incident and annual support options are available.


We can help you with all aspects of e-commerce. We can create your web-site and promote it through search-engines and on-line advertising.

For example, we run the website of this Harrow bathroom installer.

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