Cross Sigil (Formerly)


cross sigil The Cross Sigil is now defunct. Thomas used to be Henry’s right hand man. He controlled the Church, a position of incredible influence.

Throughout the 20th Century, the power of religion waned. Thomas’ influence (and usefulness to Henry) ebbed away. Thomas himself was stuck in the past and unable to adapt to the modern world of technology and machines. Eventually he was killed by Sebastian, after a monstrous attempt to gamble away the lives of others for his own personal advantage.

Few mourned his passing. Those who carried the Cross were all given the Bear Sigil by the new Councilor, William. The only exception was Mortimer, who was murdered by his enemies before he could obtain the protection of another Sigil.

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cross sigil Thomas (Councilor for Cross Sigil)
Replaced by Bear Sigil in 1956.


An austere conservative. There is no room for a smile on his stern face. He has the air of one who commandsÉ and is obeyed.


A merciless and unbending autocrat. He is Henry’s right-hand man, and he performs his duties with unflinching efficiency. Fear him, for he is a relic of a harsher age.

He hates Morgan with a cold intensity sufficient to freeze the spine.


Killed by Sebastian after a confused duel. Sebastian was executed by Henry for his crime. (1956)

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cross sigil Mortimer


Ugly as sin and mad as a march hare. His eyes stare and stare, while his hideous features shift and distort around them. Constantly rants about his mission to save the world from moral degeneracy.


Of little consequence. His delusions make it easy for Thomas to control him. Blake seems to have a mysterious influence over him.


There had been a long standing enmity between Reg (the notorious kindred- slayer) and him. Reg took the opportunity offered him by the Interregnum (1956); he slew Mortimer in the street outside his haven.

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Some of the material presented here is based on character details published in the book "Milwaukee by Night", published by White-Wolf.

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