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nekromantik : fairy catcher

I'd call this "techno goth" or "darkwave techno" or some such. It's not really my cup of tea. Synths and vocals is all you get, there are no guitars and no real drummer.

I got it home, played half the first track and then got bored and took it off to listen to the next CD I'd bought. I've listened to the whole thing several times since then, and I still find it hard going.

Since then I've hit on the best way to listen to it; one track at a time. I suppose this works for me because I find the whole album too much to take in all at once. When I listen to a single track I can concentrate on it. This way I've found that some of the tracks aren't too bad. They're excellent for dancing (to coin a phrase), but I still don't love them.

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