Times & Tides

This is a good place to find inspiration if you are considering taking your own journey around the Wheel of Life. Open all your senses and start to feel the tiny daily changes around you. They build into the cycles of the Moon and the great cycle of the Year. At eight points on the Wheel we stop to celebrate the riches the seasons give us.

Moons and Festivals

As we look up to the sky from our Earthly home, we see the heavenly bodies circling around us. Earth, Sun and Moon are engaged in a perpetual circular dance, making patters that people have always used to measure time by.

Festivals: From our Earthbound viewpoint, the Sun dances across the sky from East to West. She makes low archs in Winter, but higher, more energetic ones in Summer. The pattern of her movement marks the seasons, and gives us the time of the eight Festivals.

The highest and lowest arch mark Midsummer and Midwinter. At the Equinoxes, the dance is as long as the rest of night. The major fire Festivals occur between these four pivotal points and celebrate important activities in the agricultural year. Human activity on the land is dictated by the seasons, and we celebrate sewing, driving out the cattle, reaping, and bringing in the cattle. At each festival, we give thanks for the gifts of Nature and ask for what we need to fully live.

Moons: The Moon also dances from East to West, but she shows us a different face every day. It takes her just under 30 days to be born as a sliver of light, wax to her full silver glory, and wane again to nothing. The look of her face depends on her position in the dance with the Sun and the Earth. Thirteen of these dances make one yearly cycle. Each lunar cycle has a task and a gift, moving us closer to our dream.


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