Deer Tracks

Follow Deer deep into the forest and into the Otherworld, the world of spirit and inspiration. We all need guidance and inspiration to find our place in the Web of Life, to be the best possible expression of Spirit. We all need to find our path through the undergrowth.

Deer is a powerful spirit ally. Whenever stories tell about a hero or heroine meeting a deer in a forest, strange and powerful adventures are sure to follow. Our guiding lights, like Deer tracks, lead us to our own sources of power and inspiration.


To help people find their personal path through life, I offer the following services.

Workshops: An opportunity to explore your place in the Web of Life and your inner guidance in the company of like-minded people. Check back here regularly for new workshops, or consider ordering a custom-made workshop for your group.

Tarot readings: Asking a question opens an opporotunity for Spirit to offer its help and advice.

Shamanic healing: By repairing the filaments of power that connect each person to the web of life, shamanic healing addresses the spiritual causes that underly life's difficulties and illnesses.

Shamanic spirit consultation: Learn how to make your own spirit journeys or seek healing for your soul.

What is shamanism?: Find out more about the shamanic world view.

Information and contact: Contact and pricing details.


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