We are all part of the Web of Life. We are all expressions of Spirit. Each of us is called to find our own unique way to live and to express the endless creativity and potential of Spirit. When we find our place in the Web, the power of Spirit flows freely through our lives.

These workshops are a sacred space where you can explore new ways of connecting to the sacred. They help you discover what makes your heart skip and offer you tools to weave more of it into your life. Whether you are new on the path of Spirit or well travelled, you will find support and inspiration to take your journey deeper.

Current Workshops: A list of what is happening this year.

Pwyll, Rhiannon and the Spirits of the Land: Through the story of Pwyll and Rhiannon, this series of four workshops shows you how to bring harmony to your life and your world by forming an intimate relationship with Spirit. Find details of the workshops, or read an article with background information.

The Foundations of Tarot: Fresh ideas about reading the tarot for beginners and old hands. With Hilde and Cilla Conway.

The Wild Side: Face your wild animal nature and share its gifts with the world.

Tarot Journeys: Working with their favourite Tarot pack, participants explored different playful ways of learning the cards without ever consulting a book.

Reclaiming the Mabon: A Scottish folk story forms the basis of a ritual to recover our springtime creativity. We will enchant the fairy folk with craft and movement.

Heart Rules - Manifest the life you love: This 3-hour workshop offers the tools to discover or confirm what you love, identify what is holding you back, and uncover the source of your power to make it real. Find out what people thought of it.

Custom-made workshops: Order a workshop for your group.


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