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My practice and teaching is rooted in my own life-long quest to live in harmony with the spiritual side of reality and the longing of my soul. Since 1998, this quest has led me to work with the elements of nature and the spirits of the sacred land. My strong spiritual practice and my trusting relationship with my guiding spirits are the foundation of my work.

Through Deer Tracks, I offer several services that aim to help people reconnect with the web of life and their authentic power. I am a trained practitioner of Celtic shamanism, and an experienced teacher in adult education.

I belong to the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and a member of the Pagan Federation. I live in the North Western suburbs of London with my husband and two cats.


For all shamanic work and tarot readings, my current rate is 20-30 an hour, according to the client's income. Shamanic sessions typically take around two hours.

Workshop prices vary, depending on the length of the course. Full day workshops currently cost 40, with discounts and concessions available.


For all enquiries, please contact Hilde:

e-mail: shaman AT firetree.net
tel: 07768 377 646


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