Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing techniques address the spiritual causes that underly life's difficulties and illnesses. They are especially effective for difficulties that cannot be cured by traditional healthcare, that seem never-ending or that have an unexplained cause.

Sometimes the filaments of power that connect a person to the web of life become frayed or broken. This can be caused by stress or trauma, or when our personal boundaries have been breached or neglected for a long time. This can cause loss of vital energy and soul fragmentation. It can make you:

• feel drained, depressed, disconnected, joyless.
• feel that something is missing or lost.
• feel strained, overburdened, invaded.
• unable to get over an event, loss or relationship.

To return to wellbeing, our connections to the web of life need to be repaired. Most healing sessions involve a diagnostic conversation, work on the client's energy body with rattling and singing, and a shamanic journey. This is a soul journey into the Otherworld to meet spiritual allies. They offer help which brought back to the client. Any healing or help received does not come from me, but directly from my helping spirits.

If you need shamanic healing, please contact me for further information. After an initial conversation, I will ask my spirits if it is appropriate for me to help you. I work strictly as instructed by them. You will then have to attend my practice for the work to be completed.

As a recognition that help comes from the spirits, clients are asked to bring a small token or offering to my helping spirits. It is a sign that you are willing to engage in the process of healing and completes the exchange of gifts between the worlds.


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