Shamanic spirit consultation

You can learn how to contact your own sources of power and inspiration and begin to explore the Otherworld. This work can give you more self-confidence, insight, and a deep trusting relationship with your personal sources of spiritual power. You can then draw directly from the wisdom that lives inside each of us. This is of immeasurable value in your quest to live according to the desire of your soul.

Each thing on the web of life is called to live according to the desire of its soul. The search for our place in the web can be a lifelong quest, bringing up difficulties in dealing with expectations others have of us and the conventions of our culture. But help is at hand. Each living being has its spirit helpers and allies. Even if we don't know them, they are ready to help us when we ask.

It can be invaluable to have a companion on your unique quest for an authentic life. At Deer Tracks you will find someone to sit with you when the going gets tough, and to witness you moving into your sovereignty and power.

Clients who wish to learn to journey are expected, after an initial session, to commit to 5-7 sessions, which can be spread over several months. This is to ensure that you are able to travel safely on the roads of the Otherworld. The work can extend and deepen any spiritual practice or tradition.

This work is not suitable for people suffering from mental illness or taking recreational drugs or some types of medicine.


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