The Wild Side

Throughout the world, stories are told of animal wives and animal husbands. These wild creatures have laid aside their animal skins for a while so they can live in the world of humans and raise children. They come to an agreement with their partners about how they can live together, the human and the creature of the wild. But often the tension is too much to bear and the creature returns to the place where it can be free.

Our souls are wild creatures. As we grow up, we are trained to control that wild side, to forget about the heartbeat of the land and the messages of our instincts. In these workshops, we re-connect to the wild part of our souls and get to know it intimately. We find ways to live a life balanced between the wild and the tame, so we can be creative in the world.

The workshops

Journey into the Wild - Sunday, 23 September

Bringing the Treasure Home - Sunday, 25 November


Time: each workshop runs from 11 am until 6 pm, including breaks for lunch and tea.

Cost: 40 per workshop, 70 for both.

Venue: Treadwell's bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PB
Charing Cross and Covent Garden Tubes
We will be using the workshop room downstairs. We'll be sitting in a circle on the floor, though of course you can use a chair if you prefer. Cushions will be provided, but if you value your comfort you may want to bring a small blanket, too.

You may wish to bring:


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