Custom Made Workshops

If you have a group that gets together to celebrate the seasonal festivals or the cycles of the Moon, you can order a workshop taylored to your needs. Do you want to explore the spiritual significance of the festival in a new way? Would you like to journey deeper into the cycles of the Moon? Would you like to build a more mutual realtionship with Spirit and the spirits? Whatever your ideas, a workshop could be designed around them.

You can also ask for a reapeat or adapted version of a workshop that you missed.

If this possibility excites you, do get in touch. Call Hilde on 07768 377646 or e-mail sparrow AT


The workshop can be held at the place of your choice. The place where you group usually meets is probably fine, as long as there is a little room to move around and it is undisturbed.

The price is of a custom made workshop is dependent on its length and the number of people attending. The client is responsible for any venue hire. If I have to travel outside London, I will also charge for travel costs.


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