Tarot Journeys

In the course of its long history, the Tarot has accumulated a lot of tradition and a complex set of meanings. It can feel overwhelming to have to learn the meanings of all 78 cards, upright and reversed. While your brain aches with the effort, it is easy to forget that you can build a personal relationship with the cards and find out what each one means for you and for the question you have asked this powerful oracle.

It is, in fact, possilbe to read the cards without ever looking up their traditional meaning in a book. In this workshop we will get to know the cards by identifying with the people in the pictures, and by telling little stories about them. We will then go deeper by entering the landscape of the cards and communicating with the beings we meet there. We will also ask the tarot itself to teach us more about the cards we are working with. In this way we will make personal contact with the powerful archetypes that are represented by the pictures on the cards.

Finally, the group will ask the tarot archetypes for the blessings we need to act on their advice as we return to our ordinary lives.

Please bring with you:
• Your favourite tarot deck. Don't worry if you don't have one, there will be decks available to borrow.
• An issue/problem/question to work on. The more significant this issue is to you, the more powerful your experience of the day will be. But it would also be nice if it was something you are willing to share with the group, so that we can all learn from each other. A work or relationship issue is probably appropriate.
• Pen and paper to take notes of the advice the cards give you.
• A comfy cushion to sit on. There are cushions in the room but they're not very good.


1.30-5.30 pm Sunday, 23 October 2005

The workshop may be repeated at a future date, and you can book it for your group.


This workshop felt really full and substantial.

I would never have thought of asking the tarot cards about what they mean.

I got some useful insights into an important issue.


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