Bringing the Treasure Home - 25 November

A man marries a woman from the moors and she bares him children, but his dog never gets used to her presence. When it attacks her, she reverts to her fox nature and flees. But her husband loves her for who she is and pleads with her to come home.

Facing our own wild nature, or gathering wisdom from the Otherworld is one thing. The next task is to bring this knowledge back and weave it into our lives. We must accommodate the otherness that has made our hearts sing and share it with others.

It isn't easy to live a life that is respectful of both this world and the world of spirit. We worry if our loved ones will still accept and like us when we show them our wildness. And yet, if we live too long on one side or the other, our soul withers and longs for home. We must find a way to strike the right balance between our wild nature and the person we are in daily life. As usual, the old stories show the way.

You will:
• find out which parts of your wild nature are essential for the wholeness of your soul.
• affirm your new boundaries to yourself and the people around you.
• find ways to honour both sides of yourself.
• discover what gifts your wild nature holds for the world.


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