Journey into the Wild - 23 September

The Selkie woman comes to live on the shore and has children with her human husband. But the call of the sea is strong and eventually she must return to her seal nature.

As we grew up, we learned to live with other people and to make our way in the world so that we could survive. But in order to do so, we had to give up the wilder part of our nature. We often forget that we are human animals with instinct and intuition. We have lost touch with the subtle messages of our bodies and the cycles of nature. Many of us are afraid of this long-denied part of ourselves and what it would do if we set it free.

We set out in search of our own wild nature, the part of ourselves that is in touch with the cycles of life. We stalk it and gradually move closer, so that we can get to know it better. As we make a new relationship with our animal nature, we come to trust it. Slowly, we can give it more space in our lives.

You will:
• sense the distance between where you are now and your animal nature.
• create a safe space where you can meet and begin to play with your instinctive side.
• experience your kinship with nature.
• learn how to take on the helpful characteristics of your animal self.

On Sunday 30th, Cilla Conway will run a workshop called Dancing on the Wild Side - see Art Workshops- these two workshops would complement and interweave with each other to enrich your experience.


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