Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is the central symbol of this web site. The site was conceived as a journey around the Wheel. I intend to take you around many times, showing the connections of all things to each other, to the Seasons, and to Spirit.

The Wheel is a metaphor for all cycles: a lifetime, a year, a moon cycle, or a day. Every cycle is an eternal repetition of growth, death and renewal. By getting in touch with these cycles we find our place in the world and become aware of our own nature.

Spirit and the Wheel

Divine Spirit is the Life Force that permeates all things. It is the Centre and the circumference of the Wheel. It is the Wheel itself. It is all time and all space and all energy. It is the least dense of the Elements.

Deity, in the form of the Gods and Goddesses worshipped by people throughout the ages and up to this day, is the representative of Spirit. Deity lives closest to the Centre of the Wheel, the still place that everything else revolves around.

The Deity who accompanies me is the Goddess Brighid. She called to me from the beginning of my journeys around the Wheel, but it took me a while to recognise the calling voice as hers.

The Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter of the Wheel is associated with the Season of Winter, the dead time of the Year, but also the time of rebirth. It is a time of stillness and reflection that starts at the festival of Hallowmas, has its tuning point at Midwinter, and finishes at Candlemas. It contains the Crone, Compost, Seed and Maiden Moons.

This is the Quarter of Earth, the densest of the Elements. It represents abundance and fertility, and also strong foundations. It is the fertile soil that gives us everything we live from. And it is the rock that we can build our lives on.

The aspect of Brighid most at home in this Quarter is the Cailleach, the Winter Hag, who brings death to all that has outlived its useful life, and who guards the seed of what will grow next.

The Eastern Quarter

At the Eastern Quarter of the Wheel we enjoy the Season of Spring. Things are beginning to grow again. At first, it is nearly imperceptible, but if you really look, you can see snowdrops peeping out of the soil in the garden, and soon they will bloom. It is the time of renewed Light that starts at the festival of Candlemas, is victorious over the dark at the Spring Equinox, and finishes at the high feast of May Day. It contains the Maiden, Root, Leaf, and Wedding Moons.

This is the Quarter of Air, a very ethereal element. It is the blue sky over our heads, the Equinoctal gale, and the breath that gives us life.

The aspect of Brighid celebrated at this Quarter is Bride, the fair Maiden. She brings new life to the Earth and to our projects. She is inspiration and curiosity.

The Southern Quarter

The Season of Summer dominates the Southern Quarter of the Wheel. Life is at its height. Things bloom and grow and reproduce. This is the climax of the year, visible in scented roses, verdant hedgerows, teeming ponds. This time celebrates Life itself, starting at May Day, finding its climax at Midsummer, and ending at Lammas. It contains the Wedding, Flower, Maturing and Surrender Moons.

This is the Quarter of Fire, and anyone who has ever been out in the hot Summer Sun will know why. Fire is the candle flame, the hearth, but also the spark of energy in all of us.

The Summer Sun is Fire's most powerful symbol, and also the symbol of Brighid, whose Summer aspect is the Warrior Brigantia. She is the Fiery Arrow, who will fight for the creative process and defend hearth and home.

The Western Quarter

The growth of Summer turns into the fruitfulness of Autumn. Hedgerows start to produce blackberries, and my apple tree yields its first fruit. Life starts to surrender its harvest and begins to recede. It finishes with an amazing flourish of colour. The Season begins with the festival of Lammas, yields to darkness at the Autumn Equinox, and finishes at Hallowmas. It contains the Surrender, Fruit, Harvest and Crone Moons.

This is the Quarter of Water, Element of healing and insight. It is the Autumn rain, the river, and the great ocean. It cleanses and renews, but also erodes to reveal the smooth clean surface.

Here reigns St. Brigit of the healing wells, after whom many springs in these Islands are named. She has the power to soothe the wounds of the soul and to heal our ailing Earth.


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