What's New

What's New

I intend to add to this website on a regular basis. There will be something new here whenever I get a chance to add pages. As the seasons turn, the site will grow. On this page you can see the most recent additions.

14 November 2008

I've been through the whole site with a fine tooth comb, made the cross-referencing links consistent, and repaired broken links to outside sites. It's all in good working order again.

Reading through it all makes me realise how much has changed, how much I have changed in 6 years. The whole thing could do with a thorough re-write! Some other time, perhaps...

7 July 2006

Cauldron is up and running. I can't believe I'm blogging! I just see it as a simpler and quicker way to share my journeys around the Wheel of Life. The blog contains tarot meditations, discoveries along the path, musings on the state of the world, and possibly some book and film reviews in the future. The idea is to add little pictures to the articles as well. The great thing is that now you can instantly tell me what you think by adding a comment. Enjoy!

24 March 2006

Well, I think this is it. This web site is now finished. I have added Water today, which means all the Moons and Festivals, all the aspects of Brighid, and all the Elements are finally here. These journeys around the Wheel have been recorded. But more is to come...

14 March 2006

It's about time the bones of this site got finished. I have added the Fire Element, finally, after four years.

I am working on my own Blog called Cauldron. By the end of April there should be a link to that. It will be my primary space for logging my thoughts on Tarot, my own journey and the world at large. And keep an eye on Deer Tracks. New and exciting developments are in the pipeline!

13 September 2004

I added participant’s reactions to the Heart Rules workshop page. I also added information about my shamanic practice.

12 August 2004

I’m on a roll here, and long may it last. The Brighid section has been extended with things that used to live in the Tarot section and some brand new stories and meditations as well. Next the Tarot section is going to disappear to be replaced by something altogether more shamanic.

5 August 2004

The Brigit page is now up. If I was sticking to my original plan for the site, the Brighid section would now be complete. But there is some serious reconstruction to be done next...

3 August 2004

I am working on the Brighid section, hoping to complete it soon. The new page is about Brigantia, the Fire of Creativity and Summer aspect of Brighid. I have also updated the Sparrow page and repaired some broken links and other niggling mistakes throughout the site.

27 July 2004

Well, it was about time something got added here. Now there is a whole new section called Deer Tracks where you can stay up to date with my workshops and shamanic practice. Some of it is still under construction, but go and have a look and perhaps I'll meet you soon!

22 April 2003

The Times & Tides section of this site is now finished. Today I added the Compost Moon. That means that you can now read through the 13 Moons of the Year as well as the eight Festivals. One journey around the Wheel is complete.

21 April 2003

Today I added the Crone Moon and a proper version of the Blue Moon with the right pictures and all links in place. Only one to go now and my Times & Tides section will be finished!

20 April 2003

Excellent. Another Moon finished. The Harvest Moon this time. Now that is what I call progress: eleven down, two to go!

18 April 2003

I can't believe how long it's been. Nearly 6 months. Thank you very much to all of you who have been checking this page regularly. I do apologise for the long delay. I've obviously been working too hard.

Just one more page today: the Fruit Moon. I am planning to do more in the next few days - it's the Easter Bank Holiday after all - but I'm not promising anything!

5 November 2002

Today I am adding just one more Moon, the Surrender Moon. I hope to do something similar again quite soon, and to catch up with myself eventually.

7 October 2002

So much for my intention to add to this site regularly. Life just takes over, as usual. But you will find new Lammas and Autumn Equinox pages, which means that there is a full circle of Festivals for you to enjoy. The Times & Tides and Elements front pages have also been re-written. I hope to do more in the next few weeks.

21 July 2002

I wasn't expecting it to take this long, but here they finally are: the Flower and Maturing Moons and the Midsummer Festival. I also had a good old read through and corrected some awful spelling mistakes.

23 May 2002

Wedding Moon and May Day pages added.

16 May 2002

Journeys around the Wheel of Life uploaded for the first time.


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