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I’m a Goth, and although I’ve only recently come out and admitted it, the truth is that everyone except me has been calling me a Goth for many years. I suppose that it started with the clothes. Ever since I’ve been buying clothes for myself I’ve favoured the monochrome. By 1989 I had decided to only buy black clothes. In 1990 the first flickerings of a taste for dark music began to appear. When I moved into The House in Birmingham in 1991, my fellow house-dwellers began to call me “The Evil One” or some such. In 1992 I acquired my shades, and in 1994 I first wore make-up in public. 1994 also saw me purchasing a CD player, and a slow but steady trickle of album purchases began to suck me ever deeper into the musical side of Goth.

Finally in 1998 I died my hair; at first it was a peroxide blond. But soon the blond was replaced by jet black, and the transformation was complete.

Undead undead undead...

I am "Normal" Alex.

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