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My first passion was role-playing games. I met most of my friends from University through role-playing. I don’t do it as much as I used to, mainly because everyone’s lives are so busy these days that it’s difficult to get enough people to stay in one place for long enough to play a game. And my standards have risen - I no longer see the point of suffering the company of fools just to get a half-decent roleplaying fix; so it’s a low volume, high quality passion of mine at the moment.

Both Hilde and I love cooking. When we have the time, we’ll cook ourselves yummy food after work. In an attempt to remain healthy, it’s mostly vegetarian these days; although we both love meat when it’s takeaway or restaurant food. We are fond of hosting dinner parties. Mostly this is an excuse to expose our friends to each other / our experimental cooking, and to get some use out of our sparkly new dining room furniture.

We go to the cinema once or twice a week. Our local Warner Bros. is within walking distance in Harrow town centre, but we also go into central London most weeks and see something there as well. I like to see a broad mixture of new and old stuff, of all styles. Probably my favourite big-release movie of the last few years was The Piano.

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I am "Normal" Alex.

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