Brigit's Abundance

Many of the stories about St. Brigit celebrate her astonishing abundance. She has a deep connection with the land that gives her the ability to make it burgeon with life and goodness. Brigit takes care of her people, healing them and making sure that they are richly fed. The following story, which is more like a catalogue of wonders, is only one example. It shows us how the Goddess never gives just a little when she can give everything.

This version of the story comes form a very useful web site on St. Brigid.

Healing the sick, giving alms to the poor, and clothing the needy.

Saint Brigit said to a certain virgin who begged almes of her, I heare that there are many afflicted with sickness in your country, take therefore my girdle, and with it steaped in water you shal in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ deliver them of their infirmityes, and they will give you both meate and cloathes, who taking the girdle, as the Saint commanded, she cured diseases, getting thereby great gaynes, and becomming very rich, she her selfe afterwardes, dealt great almes to the needy. Another time she converted water into good beere to give to leapers who called her for it. In like manner did she for the comfort of a needy person, convert a stone into salt. She likewise devided one garment between two poore men, and by divine vertue each part became an entire garment.

Prayer to Brigit

Brighid, Lady of the starry mantle,
Sovereign Lady of the sacred land,
Healer by sun-fire and well-water,
Your abundance be praised.
When I ask you for help with my life,
You girdle me with the power to help others.
When I use that power to heal souls,
You shower me with gifts of Spirit.
When my soul is thirsty for inspiration,
You give me a drink of joy.
When my life is without flavour,
You give me enough spice to last a lifetime.
When I am cold and insecure,
You clothe me in beauty.
Brighid, fire of heart, hearth and forge,
Your abundance be praised.

Main picture: Brigid from a web page by Nigel Suckling, artwork by Linda & Roger Garland
Westmalle Dubbel - possibly the best beer in the world - from a Belgian Beer site
Girdle from House of Scotland Celtic bridal dresses, which I can no longer find on the internet


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