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A great convocation was held on the 21st of March, 1705. Contemporaries report that there were at least thirty kindred at this convocation. This was an unprecedented gathering of vampires. Those who were there still speak with wonder about the meeting.

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  The Great Convocation

It was at this meeting that the Law was born. The Seven became the Council, able to dispense life or death to lesser kindred through the Sigils. To the earlier rules of the Pact, were added the powers of the Court, and most of the other features of the modern Law.

The Court was conceived of as an annual meeting place, where deals could be made and differences resolved. No formal structures were created. There was no judge or jury, not least because no-one could agree on who should take on such a role. Mortals may think that this was a major oversight, but the Law was so simple, and events likely to be so straightforward, that there was really no need for such formality.

In the time since the Great Convocation, the scene in London has changed a great deal. Almost immediately Henry began to undermine the power of the Council and attempt to set himself up as King. He did this both by arguing that in order for everyone's safety to be ensured there must be a strong leader. He played on the weaknesses of the Law, particularly the absence of any enforcement, and tried to make the weaker kindred believe that he would champion them against the entrenched power of the Council.

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