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A Vampire Campaign

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Barclay decided that the contest would be decided by a race from St. Mary's church in Harrow to the White Tower. The contest took place on 21st December 1791; a light snow was falling. The crowd assembled for the Council meeting waited eagerly for the contestants to arrive.

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  Harrow to the White Tower

Barclay was a masterful horseman. He lead the race from the start, and by the time they had reached Hyde Park, he had built up a commanding lead. Observers have reported that Morgan did not seem to be concerned to push his mount; he seemed happy to allow his opponent to race ahead.

In Hyde Park, Barclay's horse reared and threw him. As he was calming it, he claims to have seen a green fog creeping into its breath. The steed was soon terrified; bucking and whinnying. Before long, it lost its strength and lay down to die. Barclay slashed down another rider in the park and took his mount. That horse refused to take his rein, and he was reduced to running.

Still far ahead of Morgan, Barclay ran like the wind across the park, and through the streets of the West End. Familiar as he was with these streets he soon became lost. Everywhere he turned he found himself in streets maddeningly familiar, yet somehow differently arranged.

Morgan almost sauntered into the courtyard of the Tower. The assembled kindred were shocked and silent. He took his Council seat as the snow fell. An hour later a ragged, bloodied and raving Barclay arrived. He had killed almost a dozen mortals in his rage. He fled, never fully understanding how Morgan had so effortlessly arranged his humiliation.

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