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A Vampire Campaign

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Finally in 1874, a new vampire appeared and challenged Steven for his place on the Council. The challenger was Jason, he bore Parovich's sigil.

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  Jason slays Steven

He seemed so pathetic that no one considered his challenge serious. Steven was so confident that he stipulated that the contest would be a sword fight to the death, and that it should commence at once. Jason could hardly hold a sword. For a few minutes he kept Steven at bay, desperately parrying. Soon however he was badly wounded in several places. He whimpered pathetically but nevertheless persevered. Steven was unhurt. Then, suddenly Steven slipped and fell on his sword, horribly wounding himself. Jason timidly approached his prone body and stabbed it through the heart.

The news of Jason's victory stunned London. Many attributed it to Myfanwy. Jason has sat on the Council for eighty years. The other Councilors are generally united in supporting his seat. The power hungry see him as a simpleton; no challenge to their ambitions. Others have come to value his strange insight and humanity. Only Parovich despises him enough to have supported a challenger; Xavier. In 1908 Xavier challenged Jason, and withdrew at the last minute from the contest. It was to have been afternoon tea in Regents Park. The day was warm and sunny...

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