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A Vampire Campaign

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Myfanwy feels that stability is in her best interests. She has used her great powers skillfully and subtly, to build for herself one of the greatest fortunes the world has ever seen. The rise of the British Empire allowed her to transform her control of London's banks into a dominance of worldwide finance and money.

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Myfanwy is content to remain a powerful force in London's vampire community, without trying to dominate her peers. This attitude confuses the power-hungry who would like to see it as a sign of weakness.

In the mid 1800s, the Council member Steven tried to take advantage of this perceived weakness. He plotted, with a number of others, to wrest control of the Bank of England from Myfanwy.

Myfanwy's friend Rathbone, who controlled a number of important officials, was killed in an audacious attack during daylight hours. At the same time evidence of corruption on the part of these officials was delivered to the House of Commons finance committee. Steven had managed to acquire a measure of influence over this body, and it swiftly dismissed the Bank's Governor and replaced him with Steven's man. All of this happened within a week. Steven's plan had worked flawlessly.

A month later, it all began to unravel. The new Bank Governor was taking orders from Steven, and sometimes even carrying them out. But everything he did was strengthening Myfanwy's position rather than weakening it. Rathbone had had immense personal wealth, and Myfanwy had somehow got hold of it, significantly increasing her wealth and influence. Worse still, Steven's haven was condemned and scheduled for demolition. Several of his most valuable henchmen were beginning to distance themselves from him. Ten years later, Steven had virtually no allies left. They had all deserted him for one reason or another. Myfanwy had used a number of approaches: Simple persuasion often worked best, once she had created the perception that Steven was in the descendent it was not hard to convince his fickle friends to leave him. Each one had tales to tell of how Myfanwy's people were everywhere, and she knew each of their weaknesses, however secret.

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