Blue Moon

Once in a while, less than once in two years, two Full Moons occur in the same sign of the Zodiac. In August 2002 this happened in the sign of Aquarius. The previous occurrence was in March 2000, in the sign of Virgo. The popular expression 'once in a blue moon' testifies to its rarity.In 2002, the Blue Moon occured between the Surrender Moon and the Fruit Moon.

Blue Moon Tasks

A Blue Moon can happen at any time of the Year. When it happens, it feels like a gift, an extra present from the Goddess. You get some extra time to work towards your dream.

What is done during a Blue Moon very much depends on the Year's project, of course, and also on the season in which it happens. In Winter, it may provide some more time to process old feelings and let go, or to plan for the coming time of growth. In Spring you may want to play with your ideas a little more, let the creative juices rise more freely. In Summer you get more time to really knuckle down and work hard on your future harvest. In Autumn you can enjoy the fruits of your labour more fully.

The Blue Moon of 2002 occurred just after Lammas. I decided I was going to work on my health during that Moon, so that I could face the rest of the year with full attention and energy. I paid lots of attention to my diet and exercise. I also found a way to keep my energy positive and get rid of negativity. I think I did rather well out of it.

Blue Tide

Moons don't really have a Blue tide. Between the four Sacred Days (Dark/New Moon, Waxing Half Moon, Full Moon and Waning Half Moon) that mark the lunar weeks, the lunar tides each take up about two days. Occasionally, once or twice in a Moon, the Sacred days are further apart, which gives an extra day in the lunar week. Personally, I just lengthen one of the tides and give it some extra attention.

Blue Tides don't naturally occur in life. You just have to decide to make them. Many people take time out of their lives to go and do something special, to travel the world or doing volunteer work for a while. That is, of course, an excellent idea, and much to be encouraged. As long as you have deep, strong roots to go back to and people or a place to really call your home.

Blue Moon 2002

Summer still didn't really come through for us, although things improved for a little while. This time of year you'd expect at least one heat wave, just for the sake of orderly progress of the seasons, but nothing happened. So much the better for me, really, because I wilt in hot weather.

Battling with a niggling health problem, I discovered the importance of harmony in my world. I actually like an orderly house. I like the work that goes into keeping the house orderly a lot less, though. But I have found that less mess makes me less stressed, which does help a lot.

I also did a lot of thinking about time. About the fact that in spiritual terms time does not exist, and everything is now and for all time. The cycles I describe in these pages are spirals, ever returning to the same point, but on a different level. I change with every passing Year, with every passing Moon, but stay the same me as well.


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