Thirteen Moons

Anyone considering taking their own journey around the Wheel should start by giving their own personal names to the thirteen lunar cycles that occur each Year. You could name them after the things you see around you in Nature during every Moon. The names that I have come up with are very general, so that they also apply to other cycles. Each link tells you more, and shows you what went on in my world during 2002.

Moons on the Wheel of Life

1. Crone Moon: Turning the lessons of the past year into wisdom for the next. Beginning to tell the stories that will guide the next cycle.

2. Compost Moon: Letting go of what is no longer useful, and transforming its energy so that it can feed the year's project.

3. Seed Moon: Finding the seeds of what you have set out to do already there. Starting to use what you already have.

4. Maiden Moon: The seed comes to life and starts to explore, play around with ideas and new ways of doing and being.

5. Root Moon: Finding resources for the work. Getting your support network started so that your project will not go hungry.

6. Leaf Moon: Beginning to put out the first visible signs of your project. Testing how it will do in the outside world.

7. Wedding Moon: Forging relationship and partnership with others. Taking your project to a community. Letting reltionships feed you.

8. Flower Moon: Opening wide. Things are blossoming and opening up to outside ideas and influences. Everything is possilbe and fertile.

9. Maturing Moon: Going all-out. Let your project rise to its highest point. Let it begin to form fruit.

10. Surrender Moon: Time to take some distance from what you are doing. Take a good look and work out what is still missing to turn the year into a success. Do that.

11. Fruit Moon: Beginning to see the final shape of what you have done. Finishing the final product. Enjoying what you have accomplished.

12. Harvest Moon: Gathering in. Determining what you have learned from all your work. Sifting the good fruit from the bad.

13. Blue Moon: This is the second Full Moon in the same star sign. It could happen at any time of the Year. It is an extra gift in the Wheel of the Year. Use it however you see fit.


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