Compost Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Gemini, with the Sun in Sagittarius. During this Moon, or just after, we celebrate Midwinter.

Compost Moon Tasks

We enter the dead time of the year. All life has retreated into the Mother's womb, deep into the protecting Earth. Last year's leaves have lost their glorious autumn colour and lay dying. They are a warm blanket of rotting matter for all that sleeps deep below: seeds and roots and hibernating animals. The dead leaves will become food for the next cycle of growth.

The Crone Moon has taught us what is important, and what we have to let go. This is the time to do the letting go. Time to break through patterns that no longer support us. Time to transform fear. Because much of what we have to let go is to do with fear, if you look at its origin. We hold on to bad habits for fear of the new things that may fill their space. We react badly to people for fear of being hurt. Fear is our greatest block, but it can always be transformed.

The Compost Moon is the time of transformation. The debris of fear can be turned into food for new life, into power, if we take the time to do the quiet inner work at this time. Our guiding spirits show us what we can do in our dreams and meditations. We are invited to trust Spirit deeply, like sleeping creatures trust the Mother Earth. It is good to rest and store up energy for the coming new cycle of Life.

Compost Tide

Every Moon has its own Compost Tide, when the Moon gradually disappears from the sky. This is the dead Dark of the Moon, a time to go within and be transformed.

This is the silent meditative time of the Moon. We turn to the darkness and rest there. We find our deepest fears and our personal monsters. And we face them in the darkness. When we do, we see that they are transformed into the tiny seeds of the next Moon.

In the Compost Tide of life, between the ages of 74 and 80, people become the food, the rich nurturing soil of their community. They may no longer be able to achieve as much as they once did, but their wisdom and experience can be invaluable. People have by now learned how to let go: many of their contemporaries have passed on, their children are building their own lives, and they have to give up some of their physical capabilities. Growing old is never easy, but it can be a time of transformation into deep inner vision. It is time we listened to our elders' practical wisdom again.

Compost Moon 2002 & 2001

Finally my time of rest came. I took a week off during this Moon to just be. I did relaxation exercises and a lot of reading and felt so much better for it. I let go of being so busy all the time and spent some quality time with my family.

In 2001, I had some serious letting go to do of a friendship that wasn't going well at all. I sat outside in the cold and asked the spirits of the land to transform the refuse it had left in my heart and to turn it into power. I decided that the best thing to do would be to live my life to the full and to take some steps towards my dream. That is where the first ideas for this web site were born.


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