Root Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Virgo, with the Sun in Pisces. During this Moon, or immediately after, we celebrate the Spring Equinox - and I have my birthday.

Root Moon Tasks

Having played with the concepts that I want to shape in the course of the Year during the Maiden Moon, it is now time to grow roots deep into the Earth and bring up the resources I need for my work. It is a matter of plugging in to the Universal circuit of energy, so that Spirit can start flowing freely. We receive energy from the Universe in many forms and then pass it on again.

In the Root Moon of 2002, I became very conscious again of the one task that faces anyone who wants to work with Universal Energy: you have to be aware. This time it was an awareness of how I received energy and how it moved through me. It is still the one thing I find very difficult, but I have resigned myself to the fact that this is what I have to learn, if it takes me a lifetime.

I became more aware this Moon by appreciatig the beauty of life and by really feeling the energy flow in my first Reiki healing (thank you Jill!). I also did a mental/spiritual spring clean by letting go of everything that is unneccessary in my life and that distracts me from my purpose. I wrote down exactly what it is that I want from my life, and that I want to put my energies into. This helped to clear the channel for the Moon ahead.

At my Full Moon ritual, I asked Bride to help me relax my body and concentrate my mind. Stuff in my personal life made me feel really tense all of the time and I needed some help getting rid of that. As an answer, I received Reiki healing - few things relax you more.

Root Tide

Every Moon has its own Root Tide, when the Lunar cycle approaches the Waxing Half Moon, and you can watch the thickening crescent in the afternoon and early evening. At this time, I think about what I need to help me bring the Moon's task to a successful end. I really dig down deep and find in myself the qualities I need to succeed.

Every human life also has a Root Tide. They are the years of adolescence and early adulthood, between the ages of 13 and 20. Childhood is at an end, and people put down roots on their own patch. They weave their own networks of friendship and make decisions about the way their lives will go. These are defining years, and very difficult for it. Young people need all the support they can get, but they also need to be given the space to learn about life and make their own mistakes.

Root Moon 2002

The weather stayed windy and unsettled this Moon, too. There were a few very bright days, despite the wind, but it still had an unsettling effect on me. This is very much the cleansing time of the year, when old things leave to make room for new growth. Relationships may falter, and old karma may be worked out in the form of illness or other problems. We're awaiting the Spring Equinox, when all these things are balanced out and start growing towards the light.

Spring really came through this Moon. The little almond tree in the front garden blossomed amazingly, and so did some other trees in the street. Things really started to put out new growth, showing the force of Bride, Goddess of new beginnings.

I developed my relationship with Bride and realised she is the force that makes all these green things grow and burst out from their wintry shell. Her power is very gentle but nothing can hold it back. It is a featherlight power that is playful and hopeful. Like a snowdrop pushing up from the Earth and finishing with a delicate flower.


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