Crone Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Taurus, with the Sun in Scorpio. During this Moon we celebrate Hallowmas.

Crone Moon Tasks

Crones. Old ladies. They sit and knit and reminisce. By the hearth fire they tell stories of what has been, which are really lessons for what will be. And that is exactly what this Moon is about. We sit and rest of the Year's hard work and remember our stories. We remember how love rocked our lives this year, or how sorrow made it feel barren. And from these experiences we learn.

The stories we have collected in the course of thirteen Moons show us what is important for our lives. They show us what is worth holding on to, what can form the seed for a new cycle, held safely in the Cailleach's dark womb. But they also show us what can be discarded, what is no longer needed and can die down to form the compost that will feed the next Year's task.

The Crone Moon is an ending and a beginning, even if we're not conscious of it. This year I felt terrible for most of this Moon. I was trying, trying so hard, to live life the way my heart deeply desired. But the Year's work had tired me to the extent that I just couldn't. It was all I could do to just go through the motions and fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. My heart's desire was strong though, and endured to form the seed of the new cycle. And my need to work so hard became compost for a much freer life.

Crone Tide

Every Moon has its own Crone Tide, when the Moon's crescent becomes a thin sickle. It is easiest to see just before sunrise, before the Sun's rays overpower it.

At this time, you have done all that you can do for this Moon. It is now time to sit and remember what you have learned. It is essential to take some rest after all the work that was done. Because a new cycle will begin soon, taking all your attention. Keep what is valuable and discard what holds you back from living a free and joyful life.

In the Crone Tide of life, between the ages of 66 and 73, people are often grandparents. They begin to tell the stories of their lives to the next generation. Our elders' stories are of the utmost importance to us, because they tell us where we come from. It is from my grandmother's stories that I know my roots. She taught me how difficult life was, not all that long ago, how hard people had to work just to survive. But I also learned how sincere their laughter was, and just how silly the silly streak in my family is. The experience of our elders and their stories are of great value to every community, and we would do well to acknowledge it.

Crone Moon 2002

The weather was very changeable this Crone Moon. Most of the leaves had already been stripped off the trees, and we had a lot of mist for a while. Very autumnal. But things could change from sunny to wet in no time at all, which prevented me from getting to the Common at all.

I was so tired all this time. I had too much work on and just had to keep going. All I could do was pray that the Christmas break would come soon. My whole body ached with the stress of it, and I had to eventually just give in and only do what was absolutely necessary. Like my ancestors I survived more than I lived this Moon. Thankfully I bought a few more really good books that kept my soul well-fed despite it all.


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