Wedding Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Scorpio, with the Sun in Taurus. During this Moon we celebrate May Day.

Wedding Moon Tasks

The Year's project is really taking form now. It is time to open up the creative process and find partners who can help us make it fruitful. Nature is doing just that. Trees and shurbs allover are opening up their flowers to insect partners who fertilise them and help them bear fruit.

I intended to do just that: to finally put my web site out there and get some input from others. Instead, I learned just how much work it is to make a web site. You need so much attention to tiny details. And you have to get it all right every time. I learned bits of html and other web wizardry. And you know, it was fun. Most of the results were instantly visible and it was looking good.

In the process, I discovered my true partner. Couldn't have done it without Alex, partner of my life. Couldn't have done it without Brighid either, who showed me this Moon that she is walking right beside me.

This far into a project, you often run into difficulties and you may need fresh eyes to help you work through them. Input from outside inevitably leads to some re-adjustments that you hadn't planned for, but that are probably for the better. The front page to this site looks nothing like what I first imagined...

At the Full Moon, I worked to let my positive self-image grow stronger. A final push past ancient negativity. Bride danced with me one last time.

Wedding Tide

Every Moon has its own Wedding Tide, as the lunar cycle moves from Waxing to nearly Full. You can see the Moon fatten in late afternoon and through most of the night.

During this time, I start to find partners for the Moon's task. I ask for outside help or go looking for extra information. When I'm making lessons, I go looking for some extra materials, or I may try out something new on a group of students to see how they respond.

In the Wedding Tide of life, we look for partners, too. When we are 28 to 33, personal relationships, and especially close loving partnerships, are very important to us. We look for another person to support us and be a soft place for us to fall. It may well be that in our culture the importance of one-to-one partnerships is exaggerated. People who haven't found a stable partnership by the time they're 30 often feel a failure. Yet other loving relationships and friendships can provide the same support. There is no telling when the Goddess will gift you with the love of your life.

Wedding Moon 2002

For most of this Moon, the weather was sunny and even positively warm, especially before May Day. After the festival we had a few wet spells, but it still stayed warm. By the end of the Moon, I turned off the central heating, hopefully for the rest of the Summer and some way into Autumn.

My usual teaching work hit a bit of a dry patch and that gave me the time to really work on this web site. It really struck me how other work started to come in the very day I was finishing the final touches. Obviously that's how it was meant to go.


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