Flower Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Sagittarius, with the Sun in Gemini. During this Moon, or just after, we celebrate Midsummer.

Flower Moon Tasks

This is the high point of the year. Nature is gathering its forces and surging towards its peak. Everything is the most amazing bright green, and everything seems to be in flower. The roses in my garden open up and spread their scent just for the sheer joy of it.

Work on the Year's project takes on a similar quality. We have done all the hard ground work and everything is now going along more easily and freely. We become our best selves as we immerse ourselves in the work.

That's what can happen. Life isn't always that neat, though. After all the hard work I did in the Wedding Moon, this one never seemed to take off in the same way. I just couldn't get myself organised, and soon after the Full Moon a conflict with a friend threw me off balance. So the crescendo of the year didn't really feel like one. Still, I submitted the web site to some search engines, and the number of visitors has bloomed, just like the roses.

At the Full Moon, I didn't do a personal ritual as usual. It co-incided with the Beltane Bash, and its finishing ritual was probably better than anything I can do on my own. Jack in the Green, who had been gracing the weekend of talks, entertainment and socialising with his presence, was sacrificed and the Spirit of Summer released. Those present took a bit of his greenery home with them. At the end, Raymond Redfeather, member of the Native American Ojibway tribe, greeted the four directions with his sacred eagle bone whistle. That was a really special moment, because that whistle doesn't usually get used outside traditional ceremonies.

Raymond also allowed me to take some detailed pictures of his regalia ('bloody tourists', as somebody commented). They have come out really well. Thank you for sharing, Raymond!

Flower Tide

Every Moon has its own Flower Tide, when the silver light grows to its fullest strength. You can see the round Moon from early evening until just before sunrise.

At this time, I let the Moon's task go the way it wants to go. I just open myself up to what the task itself is teaching me. I listen for the subtle messages of Spirit and let them guide me. Often, a theme for my Full Moon ritual will suggest itself at this time.

In the Flower Tide of life, we reach the peak of our confidence. Between the ages of 33 and 40, people have come a long way along their chosen path. They have worked for quite some time now, and will have reached relatively responsible positions at work. On the other hand, they are still young enough for adventure, and infuse their work and their personal life with fresh ideas. Life is generally quite satisfying. If we remain open and expect the good, this time can be a true blessing.

Flower Moon 2002

The weather was actually quite good for most of this Moon. Sadly, we never got a lot of it at a stretch. Huge rain showers cooled everything down and made everything very wet. My boots got very muddy when I visited the Common this Moon. And my little friends the mosquitoes have arrived again as well. The insect repellent seems to have done its job, though.

Working with Brigantia, Brighid's Summer aspect, is very interesting. She has so much fiery power. She really helps me to let my own sun shine whatever happens in my world.


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