Maturing Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Capricorn, with the Sun in Cancer. During this Moon, or just before, we celebrate Midsummer.

Maturing Moon Tasks

We keep riding the high tide of the year as we begin to find applications and greater possibilities for the Year's task. It is time to start to examine how all your work can be used, and what the practical applications are.

During this Moon, the leaves on the trees changes noticeably from a bright, fresh pale colour to deep, mature green. There can be no doubt that summer has come. Some of the flowers that bloomed in Spring have already changed into green seedpods. But there is a rose in my garden that climbs up the elder tree and makes it bloom pink.

The one most important thing that happened this Moon must be my visit to Caitlin Matthews's shamanic practice. I have been suffering from an unexplained tummy ache for many months now, and I decided she might be able to find out what its origin was. And she did. Thank you Caitlin - and thank you Caitlin's helping spirits.

I have spent the rest of this Moon trying to integrate the information she gave me. I have played around with the images Caitlin brought back from her Journey and tried to work out their practical implications for my life. And I'm getting somewhere. I am attempting to make everything I do joyful and rich. Because I work for a golden harvest of joy not stored in barns. I love that image.

Maturing Tide

Every Moon has its own Maturing Tide, when the Full Moon becomes slightly less full. You can see the round Moon from just after sunset until early morning.

This part of the Moon always seems quite serious. I need to really get down to the work here. Literally get mature about it. This is the time when I feel most motivated to do the annoying difficult things that I can't otherwise seem to make myself do. The power of the Moon sees me through.

In the Maturing Tide of life, we really get down to the work as well. Between the ages of 40 and 47, people with children will find that their offspring are growing up fast and are starting to exert their own will. Many people have taken on a lot of responsibility at work, and in their communities. The challenge of this time is to stay on top of all of that and people's capacities are stretched to their full potential. And that's why this time they can feel quite powerful in themselves as well.

Maturing Moon 2002

After a cloudy first week, the skies opened up and we had a couple of weeks of really nice weather. It was warm and you could walk outside in the clothes you were wearing inside. The world looked radiant for a while. But then it turned cloudy again and cold. But what do you expect in the second week of Wimbledon?

My meditation work didn't get off the ground at all this Moon. I'm not sure what happened. Catching cold and feeling run down doesn't help. But in the meantime I'm learning a lot about the purpose of my life and my place in the Web.


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