Leaf Moon

The Full Moon of this time appears in the sign of Libra, with the Sun in Aries. During this Moon, or just before, we celebrate the Spring Equinox.

Leaf Moon Tasks

After the preparatory work of the dark part of the Year, I now start to materialise my project in the real world. Nature is doing the same: everything is putting out shoots during this Moon. A tender and vulnerable greenness appears in the landscape. That green colour really lifts my spirits and gets me motivated to do what needs to be done.

As I continued sensing Universal energy flowing in my life, I felt that now it was time to let that energy flow through me and out into the world. I wanted to use it in the outside world and share it. Knowing that the Universe was giving me more blessings than I can ever contain, I had an abundance of Life to share.

During the Full Moon, I was staying with a relative who doesn't share my interests. I did a ritual entirely through meditation. The intention was to open myself to the flow of the Universe, so that energy could flow from me more easily. It was quite a powerful meditation.

Leaf Tide

Every Moon has its own Leaf Tide, just past the Waxing Half Moon. You can see the gibbous moon slowly fattening from the late afternoon until after midnight. During this time, I start to materialise the project for the lunar cycle. New web pages are draughted, new lessons are planned and I try new things for my artwork.

The Leaf Tide of human life comes with young adulthood, between the ages of 21 and 27. People start to see the first results of their work. They may earn a degree and get a first job, but during this time most become well-established in their career of choice. They are showing their talents in the outside world.

Leaf Moon 2002

About a week into this Moon, just after the Equinox, the weather turned from very wet and windy to sunny and positively warm. Spring burst into flower and we celebrated a wedding. And an engagement. There is something about this time of year that affirms Life, and people respond to it.

The trees were putting out leaves. Even some of the big ones started to show new growth. Bride was really working hard, dressing herself in her pale green gown.

For me, it was a family Moon. My in-laws came to stay and I went to stay with my family in Belgium. I don't get to see these people very often, and it was good to spend time with them and share the Easter celebration of new Life. The beautiful weather made it even better.


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