Otherworld Beloved - 5 June

Rhiannon chooses Pwyll to be her husband. He learns to trust her and to follow her advice. She stands by him despite his mistakes.

Pwyll and Rhiannon's courtship teaches us about our relationship with our guiding spirit and what we need to do to keep the connection strong. In this workshop we meet with this spirit to begin or strengthen our conscious relationship with them. We discover the terms of our contract and how living by it can help us heal our life and land.

Through regular practice, we become more familiar with the Otherworld and its inhabitants. As our friendship with the spirits develops, our trust of them grows. From experience, we know that we can rely on their advice and support.

Each of our souls is guided on its journey by a spirit who loves us for the unique person we are. Their task is to guide our soul to its fullest expression. We can achieve this flowering of the soul by becoming aware that we each have a contract with Life. If we live by its terms, our souls will be safe from harm, and our healing work will flow.

You will:


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