Rhiannon, Mare of Sovereignty - 2 October

In this workshop, Rhiannon will guide us across the boundary between the worlds. She will show us how to find wisdom there, and how to implement it so we can return harmony to our life and land.

Rhiannon is the representative of the Sovereignty of the Land. She brings life and death as the Wheel of the Year turns. She also carries souls between the land of the living and the land of the dead. And as the night-mare she brings messages from the Otherworld as we sleep.

The story of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed contains many clues to the identity of Rhiannon. Pwyll first meets her when he sits on an Ancestral burial mound. She is identified with the mare, who brings messages from the Otherworld in the night. She stands at the gate and carries people across the boundary.

You will:
• explore the aspects of Rhiannon as Goddess of Life and Death.
• use your dreams as gateways to the wisdom of your soul.
• learn ways to re-enter your dreams and use them for healing.
• learn about the importance of relationship with the Ancestors.
• explore different ways to nurture your relationship with the Ancestors.


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