Entering the Otherworld - 17 April

Pwyll enters a relationship with Arawn, King of the Welsh Otherworld. After a year of learning the ways of the Otherworld from the Goddess herself, he helps to restore balance to the land.

The first fragment of Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed teaches us how we can return harmony to the land. In this workshop, we will follow the instructions of the story to build our own Otherworld relationships and help restore harmony between the worlds.

Partnership with Spirit is of crucial importance. A large part of the imbalance in the hearts and souls of people in the western world is our lack of connection with the spiritual side of reality. Many people are missing a huge part of the connection with Life that makes them whole, and that can have terrible consequences.

The imbalances that are evident in our world today may seem too great for us to do anything about. Virtually inevitablly we contribute to them by the way we live. Most of us take more than we need from the bounty of Spirit every day. But many long to make amends and help return harmony to the land.

You will:
• build a personal relationship with the spirits who shape our world.
• experience your kinship with nature.
• explore ways to work with the spirits for the healing of your life and land.
• learn about the importance of exchange between our world and the world of spirit


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