Otherworld Child - 7 August

Pwyll and Rhiannon have a child. But bringing the fruit of Otherworldly inspiration into the world is not a simple task. Rhiannon's son is taken from her, and only after faithful service is he returned to her.

In Celtic mythology, many stories are told of a mother losing her young child and going through long suffering before she gets him back. These stories are symbolic of what happens to our own creativity. Often, when we have finally found a project that makes our hearts sing, the confidence to see it through fails us. It is as though we have just given birth to something, only to lose it again.

The story of Rhiannon's loss and her service at the gate teaches us how faithfulness to our work will bring the song back to our hearts. Thankfully, there are many resources we can call on to overcome this dark night of the soul. In this workshop we will draw on some of them, so we can celebrate the return of our creativity.

You will:
• become aware of the obstacles that stop you from living the life you desire.
• learn about the power of accepting your wounds and the wounds of your land.
• find the power that will help you overcome these obstacles.
• explore the practical consequences of your calling to work with Spirit.
• take part in a celebration of the return of the Otherworld Child.


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